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Arrow Our objective here at Real Apprentice is aim to raise the level of applicants for graduate jobs by preparing students for the realities of full-time work.

Arrow Real Apprentice is unique because while there are several sites out there to help graduates find jobs, Real Apprentice focuses on improving the skills of an undergraduate student in the years before graduation!

Arrow We bridge the communication gap between employers and potential applicants want to know. Advertise with us and you tailor your company profile page. We're not looking for the corporate blurb from company websites, we aim to provide students with a real insight into working life and the opportunities that are out there waiting for them.

Give students the inside track!
Arrow People are always going to discuss their experiences at work, but if you set up a profile page, we encourage you to include an "Inside View" from an undergraduate who has recently completed one of your programmes - we like students to be as informed as possible about the opportunities and what the prospective roles may entail, therefore a recent profile from a student who has just been in their position is the ideal solution!

Our Service
Arrow Registering with Real Apprentice is an investment in the future, raising awareness of the opportunities available and the expectations of each position, leaving students more informed, therefore raising the calibre of applicants for your opportunities.

Arrow It is becoming more difficult to sustain an on-campus presence for your company, but we like to think of ourselves as the online careers fair! This allows you to either reduce or supplement your on-campus presence by boosting your online profile to ensure you are still reaching the best candidates.

Arrow Real Apprentice offers targeted advertising so your different opportunities can reach the right audiences.

Arrow The Notice board is updated on a regular basis to show urgent information such as upcoming deadlines as well as keeping students up to date with employers who have recently updated their profiles. We have recently joined the world of Twitter so students can get similar updates by following us: @careersfair

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To find out more about how Real Apprentice reaches the student market or to request our company profile please email us. Registration runs from 1st September 2012 to 31st August 2013 inclusive, but your profile page can be set up immediately.

Advertising Agencies

We are aware several companies employ the services of agencies to manage advertising media, if you think Real Apprentice could be a solution for your clients, get in touch and earn referral commissions.