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Arrow The Insider is a unique tool that acts as an intermediary between employers and potential applicants. Each of our employers include an "Inside View", where previous students talk about their experiences on their internship / placement.

Arrow Applicants get crucial questions answered about what’s expected of them; the role, salary, working hours, perks and benefits as well as an insight into the social culture.

Arrow Employees are always going to discuss their experiences, but The Insider provides a regulated channel of communication, with a view to raising the overall standard of applicants as they have a greater awareness of the demands of the role.

Arrow A lot of people find themselves at a crossroads, not knowing what to next…why not find out about the experiences of others before making up your mind?


Finished an Internship?


If you've completed an internship, placement or apprenticeship we want your reviews! We will release a form with a series of questions allowing you to rate your experiences. Once completed reviews can be sent to: The Insider